toto in concert

GUYS!! So sorry for the delay in updating my blog, but I’ve been really busy with my job! =S

Sooooo, I went to Toto concert in rome. O-MY-GOD. I was so excited since they are truly living legends… and they rock the show!!

When they started playing all I thought was: MASTERS. There is no other way to describe them. Masters. They played for 2 hours and 15 no-stop, taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions, shaking our souls from rock songs to ballads… I was looking around me and all I could see was people smiling. That was so touching… I mean I wish toto could see what I was seeing. People smiling thanks to them, their music, what they represent.  Personally, when they played Africa I had shivers running through my spine. That was impressive too! When music moves you like this you can’t do anything but surrender to it.

The stage was very bare, very simple, they only had their logo behind them and that’s it! (GREAT logo by the way, always thought it looks like a skull to me)So it was just them and their music who captured the audience. The atmosphere was enchanting, the music was embracing us! Big stars don’t need anything more than their music to charm people. Moreover I thought that the sound was PERFECT, I mean the acoustics was perfectly balanced.

I thought that I would found let’s say… middle aged people, but I was so happy to see even teenagers!! I think teenagers knowing this king of music band are a hope for our future =D

Steve Lukather (guitar) was so into that night, he was clearly having fun, and Joseph Williams (singer) was as excited as Steve was. David Paich (keyboards) was dressed like a Chamberlain, so funny =) I mean, they are not “old stars” trying to do something mediocre, they have talent running through their veins. They just simply can’t do anything that shine and be great.  What a band, what a concert, what a night!

What a great way to celebrate toto’s 35 anniversary =)

Great job guys!!


On the Run / Goodbye Elenore

Goin’ Home


St. George and the Dragon

I’ll Be Over You

It’s a Feeling


Wings of Time

Falling in Between

I Won’t Hold You Back



White Sister

Better World


How Many Times

Stop Loving You

Hold the Line


Home of the Brave

See you on the road 😉


Bon Jovi live in Berlin

ImmagineHi guyssss!!

So I’m back from Berlin (great city by the way!) As I said to you I went there for Bon Jovi concert, my favorite group ever. I knew them when I was only 12, I’m 25 now so I passed more than half my life listening to them and basically loving them. Their lyrics, their sound, their commitment towards the others, their humanity simply got me.

As I wrote in the last post, I just wanted to thank them, and so I did.. I wrote a little banner saying “thank you” I really think and hope Jon red that. But let’s start from the beginning…

On the day of the concert I woke up at 7, and at 7.45 I was already queuing outside the stadium. I had a “diamond ticket” which means I was in the little pit right in front of the stage. My goal was to be in the very first row. Nearly did it, I was in the second, not bad huh? So from 7.45 to like 11 I just sit and laid on a sidewalk with other people, luckily it was not hot yet… 11 came quite fast, we did all the procedures to queue in numeric number (as we arrived the backstage people wrote a number on our hands) and we moved to the gates assigned for diamond tickets. I passed from 11 to 16 basically doing nothing but wait for the doors to open. At about 2 I felt veeeery sick, I was hungry, I was feeling soooo hot (30 Celsius degree in Berlin are quite unusual I think) I nearly fainted! At about 4 while I was still saying to myself “don’t faint, don’t faint, don’t faint, please don’t faint” -.-‘’ I heard the sound check, and Jon singing a short verse from Because We Can, if I remember correctly. From that moment I felt better, really, don’t know what happened, but I really did feel better. Shortly after they finally let us enter, and I conquered my spot!! Muahaha =D as I said, I was in second row, at Jon’s right. Right in front of David and Bobby Bandiera. The stage was bare, really simple, they didn’t built the front part of the car they use as a decoration for this year concerts. I guess because the stage, and the stadium we were in was pretty little. So, once we entered we had to wait until about 6 to see the opening act, a band from germany. They sounded good, but unfortunately I don’t speak German so I didn’t really understand a word they said. =/

Bon Jovi concert was scheduled at 8….but with my ginormous pleasure they started playing at 7.30!! it was a 3 hours breath-taking concert! The first thing Jon said was “I won’t waste time by talking, I have to finish before 10.30 so let’s start!” (or something like that ;D) They started playing one of my favourite songs from the new album, That’s What the Water Made Me, and as Jon appeared and started to sing, I was not in my body anymore, there was only my soul. I jumped and singed and screamed from the beginning to the end =D

At the beginning Jon was having some problems with the sound in his ears, or anyway, he was making signals to the sound mixer and saying “no”. But eventually 3 songs after they corrected what was wrong.

But shortly after something else happens… the fake fog/smoke they use for creating atmosphere completely darkened the stage, basically nothing could be seen for a few moments… except for Jon’s voice saying “somebody’s gonna get fire tonight!” He was AND wasn’t joking. You know, you can’t mess with the BOSS. Jon’s so meticulous that he wants everything to be just PERFECT. But finally everything went smooth, and the concert went on perfectly. As I was saying, I was in front of David (keyboards) and Bobby Bandiera (guitar). I was so close to them that they both saw me waiving hello to them… and they answered back!! Not waiving of course but nodding their heads. Bobby even took a little bow to me appreciating my cheer to him. Ahhaah that was so cool! Unfortunately I couln’t see Tico (drums) because the stage was built so high that from my position I didn’t see him. As far as Phil X is concerned, he was too moved to the left, I could see him, but he couldn’t see me. For those who does not know it, Richie (lead guitar) left  the tour on April. Why?? Fans can’t still know why. -.-

But, Phil X is no news to the band and fans as he replaced Richie in the previous tour. He’s a great guitarist in my opinion, and he rocks the songs!! But of course, Richie’s absence is really heavy and tangible. You can feel it, you can hear it, you see it. The chemistry the two of them (Richie and Jon) can create on stage is a big loss, visually and auditory. =( background voices wants the two of them to have argued very hard, and that they won’t reconcile, HOPE they won’t break the band up. It would be terrible. Just don’t want to even think about that.

Back to the concert, Jon sang great, he moved from one side to the stage to the other, he interacted with the crowd even if I thought that it was difficult for me to let him see me, because he was looking beyond me, or looking at fan he already knows. I thought that was annoying, but eventually I managed to let him see myself by waving my banner on air. He looked at me and sang a line looking straight to my eyes. I could die. Aahahha. My job was done. =D

When they played “captain crush” some people began throwing confetti in the air, it was so funny and joyful =)

Jon played amen and created a peaceful romantic beautiful atmosphere, and seemed very proud of the result once he finished.  He was so happy to be on stage, so pleased by the audience, he kept repeating that we were a big part of that great night, we were giving a great feedback and actively participating. He was so pleased that after the encore, he played us 2 songs requested with banners and made us chose 1 over 3 more songs he proposed: I’ll be there for you / who says you can’t go home / always. The crowd chose always of course, but I would have loved to listen to I’ll be there for you! One thing I liked was that when he played Living On a Prayer he started playing it acoustically. It was a “wow” to me.

It was a spectacular concert, an amazing night, I got so thrilled and touched that 3 hours seemed 1 minute. That looong and exhausting day was just simply worth it, but I knew it 😉

Can’t wait to see them play in Milan in a few days!! =D

Rock on guys.. see you on the road! 😉  

here’s the setlist

 That’s What the Water Made Me
        You Give Love a Bad Name
        Raise Your Hands
        Born to Be My Baby
        Lost Highway
        Whole Lot of Leavin’
        It’s My Life
        Because We Can
        What About Now
        We Got It Goin’ On
        Keep the Faith
        Bed of Roses
        Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars
        We Weren’t Born to Follow
        Who Says You Can’t Go Home
        I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
        (Medley with Jumpin’ Jack … more)
        Bad Medicine
        In These Arms
        (David Bryan on vocals during second verse)
        Wanted Dead or Alive
        Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
        Have a Nice Day
        Livin’ on a Prayer
        Encore 2:
        I’m With You
        (fan request)
        Never Say Goodbye
        (Jon solo, acoustic – first … more)
        (crowd’s choice)

waiting for Bon Jovi

Hi guys!!

I’m sooooooo happy and overwhelmed because i’m going to Berlin for a bon jovi concert!

Imagine to go to your favorite’s band concert, imagine that feeling, imagine to be in the very first rows, imagine to get to see them very close… and maybe to be seen by one of them. That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now… about to have a heart attack! =D

I would give anything just to stop the frenzy, stop the world, and have just a little minute to say to the band “thank you”. Thank you for the rollercoaster of emotion in which you put me through in all those years, thanks for writing the words I wasn’t able to say. Thanks for being there just before an exam, just after a heart break, next to me while on my knees whispering to keep strong and lift my head up, and keep on fighting. Their music is in my blood, in my mind, in my heart, I just want to say “thank you”…

I know that maybe some of you can think “oh my, this girl is nuts!” or maybe some of you know what I’m talking about… and completely understands! Well, this is my dream. Hope everyone of you who have this same dream can make it true =)  that’s quite difficult though U.U

I won’t be able to write to you the day after the show because I won’t have my PC, but I swear I’ll write as soon as possible! I’ll come back on the 20th and the next day I’ll go to Toto concert in Rome. So, if you won’t have heard from me in 4 days don’t worry, I’m not dead because of the concert ;D or maybe….. naaa

I’m leaving tomorrow morning, and the concert will be on Tuesday the 18th.  I took some days just to visit the city too, since I’ve never been to Berlin. Guess what I’ll do on Monday… I’ll go hunting Bon Jovi down =D have no idea on how to find their hotel though -.-

Keep on rocking!!

See you on the road 😉

The Killers live in Rome

Hi guys!!

As I mentioned on twitter I went to the Killers’ concert yesterday evening!

Honestly, I’m not quite into them, but of course, when you have the possibility to assist a concert you go anyway! Or at list, I do! 😉

So, the opening act was “stereophonics”, (quite interesting that THEY were the Killers opening act, huh? O.o) great entertainers! Very kind and accessible, they also played a few songs for a bunch of people before the show from the balcony of their dressing room! As far as the Killers are concerned, they had a meet and great with a few supporters right before the show, but they were very strict about taking pictures.. they didn’t want to. They forbidden photographers to take pictures of them even during the show, or so I understood. But… why? You’re not Beyoncé who is afraid that pictures of her faces while performing go all around the world so that people make fun of her =D  guess anyone in entertainement business has his own caprice U.U

There were about 5000 people attending the Killers concert, and they were really loving the show, happy for them! LOL I only know a very few songs of theirs, but the ones that I know that they played live were involving!

Brandon Flowers (the singer) has a great voice, I mean, for real!!! It didn’t even seem it was live, so my compliments to him! In my opinion he’s not really really an “entertainer” in the sense that he does not really interact with the crowd, but on the other hand he played the cover of the Italian song “Volare” which I thought was very nice of them =) Moreover they played “under the gun” after a request from the crowd, so they are very interested in pleasing their supporters, which is a beautiful thing!

The stage was embellished by amazing light play which really created an exciting and enchanting atmosphere, with fireworks exploding sometimes on a drum beat, and confetti right before the encore. veeeery cool!

So it was a nice evening, good concert even if I didn’t get very thrilled =S but you know, it’s just me and my humble personal opinion, nothing to say about the band, of course great professionals!

Here’s the setlist:

Somebody Told Me
The Way It Was
Smile Like You Mean It
Heart of a Girl/Bling (Confession of a King)
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
Miss Atomic Bomb
Flesh and Bone
For Reasons Unknown
From Here On Out
A Dustland Fairytale
Nel blu dipinto di blu (Domenico Modugno cover)
Read My Mind
Mr. Brightside
All These Things That I’ve Done
Under the Gun
When You Were Young



My mind and my heart are already on my next concert which takes me to Berlin for… BON JOVI! Already going insane, can’t really wait any longer!

Stay tuned for that concert’s description!!

See you on the road =)



Green Day in concert, Rock in Roma

Lately my passion for music is pushing me to see concerts. If I used to discover an artist by listening to his CDs, or watching music clips on the internet – something recorded and “perfect”-  I now tend to know the artist by watching his concerts on utube, or by buying live DVDs. I’m fascinated by the truth that lies on the little imperfections of the concerts, and by the power and adrenaline that rises during live performances. I want to feel the artist and the emotions he feels while playing that particular song in that particular moment on that particular stage, with that particulare crowd.  I’m no more interested in just the prepackaged revised material.

My curiosity led me to attend the Green Day concert held in Rome on June the 5th, in the occasion of the festival “Rock in Roma”. I do not know Green Day very much, in fact, I only know the songs that came out as a single, but I was very interested in seeing them performing live. I mean, they’re a punk-rock band, I thought that their concerts would be exciting considering the energy that their songs burst out! ….I was not wrong! Oh my gosh, beyond my expectation!

Just to let you understand, I was on my way to the stage right before the beginning of the concert when a minibus passes next to me. The band was in it, Tres cool appears from the window shouting a very involving “IT’S TIME TO FUUUUUUUCK!!”. I thought that with a kick-off like that the concert could only be magnificent. And so it was.

What an amazing live band they are! The only word I had in mind was: entertainers! They’re born for stage, natural showmen! Billie Joe is constantly entertaining the audience, speaking to them, involving them, which I think is a MUST for every singer. I would hate to assist a concert where the singer never talks to the audience an just sings the songs. Billie Joe jumos, shouts, arouses the crowd to sing with him, but most of all, he chooses a fan from the crowd and brings him to the stage. O.O I would die If I was a true fan of theirs! He firstly made a boy sing one of their songs while he was only playing the guitar for him, and a few songs later he made a boy play his own guitar!! (he then gave the boy his guitar as a present, but I’m not quite sure if the boy could really keep  it as a gift or it was just a scene). Anyways, these two guys firstly kissed and hugged the band members (OF COURSE, what else can you do?!) and then really rocked the show!! I mean they were not ashemed at all, they seemed old rock star. The crowd supported them by applauding and shouting, maybe they were imagining how great it would have been if it was them rocking the stage next to their idols. The concert continued perfectly, with Billie Joe shooting toilet paper (very funny) and t-shirts at the crowd. He then hosed down the public with some water… but someone could have told him that it wasn’t truly hot… XD and again, at some point they were all wearing funny hats, all different one another, but I could only distinguish a magician one. Not to mention a bunny walking on stage ( a costume obviously). Quite strange, but not so much in that context.

The concert lasted almost 3 hours, and in my opinion it was a great cocktail of historical and new songs, a perfect outlook on their career, from the early days to nowadays. From songs that seemed to me quite unriped, but perfectly punk, to the more mature ones, more rock and less punk. To sum it up, it was a great concert, an amazing experience, a energetic and charged-up evening! An awesome band, I would suggest anyone to go and see them live even if you’re not big fan of theirs. They would surely rock your night involving and entertaining you leading you till the end of the concert without even realizing it!

Here’s the set list!

99 Revolutions
Know Your Enemy
Stay the Night
Stop When the Red Lights Flash
Oh Love
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Stray Heart
Nice Guys Finish Last
Missing You
Hitchin’ a Ride
Welcome to Paradise
Going to Pasalacqua
Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
St. Jimmy
When I Come Around
Basket Case
King for a Day
Shout / Teenage Kicks / Always Look on the Bright Side of Life / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Hey Jude
American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Brutal Love
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Write to you soon…. See you on the road!