Green Day in concert, Rock in Roma

Lately my passion for music is pushing me to see concerts. If I used to discover an artist by listening to his CDs, or watching music clips on the internet – something recorded and “perfect”-  I now tend to know the artist by watching his concerts on utube, or by buying live DVDs. I’m fascinated by the truth that lies on the little imperfections of the concerts, and by the power and adrenaline that rises during live performances. I want to feel the artist and the emotions he feels while playing that particular song in that particular moment on that particular stage, with that particulare crowd.  I’m no more interested in just the prepackaged revised material.

My curiosity led me to attend the Green Day concert held in Rome on June the 5th, in the occasion of the festival “Rock in Roma”. I do not know Green Day very much, in fact, I only know the songs that came out as a single, but I was very interested in seeing them performing live. I mean, they’re a punk-rock band, I thought that their concerts would be exciting considering the energy that their songs burst out! ….I was not wrong! Oh my gosh, beyond my expectation!

Just to let you understand, I was on my way to the stage right before the beginning of the concert when a minibus passes next to me. The band was in it, Tres cool appears from the window shouting a very involving “IT’S TIME TO FUUUUUUUCK!!”. I thought that with a kick-off like that the concert could only be magnificent. And so it was.

What an amazing live band they are! The only word I had in mind was: entertainers! They’re born for stage, natural showmen! Billie Joe is constantly entertaining the audience, speaking to them, involving them, which I think is a MUST for every singer. I would hate to assist a concert where the singer never talks to the audience an just sings the songs. Billie Joe jumos, shouts, arouses the crowd to sing with him, but most of all, he chooses a fan from the crowd and brings him to the stage. O.O I would die If I was a true fan of theirs! He firstly made a boy sing one of their songs while he was only playing the guitar for him, and a few songs later he made a boy play his own guitar!! (he then gave the boy his guitar as a present, but I’m not quite sure if the boy could really keep  it as a gift or it was just a scene). Anyways, these two guys firstly kissed and hugged the band members (OF COURSE, what else can you do?!) and then really rocked the show!! I mean they were not ashemed at all, they seemed old rock star. The crowd supported them by applauding and shouting, maybe they were imagining how great it would have been if it was them rocking the stage next to their idols. The concert continued perfectly, with Billie Joe shooting toilet paper (very funny) and t-shirts at the crowd. He then hosed down the public with some water… but someone could have told him that it wasn’t truly hot… XD and again, at some point they were all wearing funny hats, all different one another, but I could only distinguish a magician one. Not to mention a bunny walking on stage ( a costume obviously). Quite strange, but not so much in that context.

The concert lasted almost 3 hours, and in my opinion it was a great cocktail of historical and new songs, a perfect outlook on their career, from the early days to nowadays. From songs that seemed to me quite unriped, but perfectly punk, to the more mature ones, more rock and less punk. To sum it up, it was a great concert, an amazing experience, a energetic and charged-up evening! An awesome band, I would suggest anyone to go and see them live even if you’re not big fan of theirs. They would surely rock your night involving and entertaining you leading you till the end of the concert without even realizing it!

Here’s the set list!

99 Revolutions
Know Your Enemy
Stay the Night
Stop When the Red Lights Flash
Oh Love
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Stray Heart
Nice Guys Finish Last
Missing You
Hitchin’ a Ride
Welcome to Paradise
Going to Pasalacqua
Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
St. Jimmy
When I Come Around
Basket Case
King for a Day
Shout / Teenage Kicks / Always Look on the Bright Side of Life / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Hey Jude
American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Brutal Love
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Write to you soon…. See you on the road!




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