toto in concert

GUYS!! So sorry for the delay in updating my blog, but I’ve been really busy with my job! =S

Sooooo, I went to Toto concert in rome. O-MY-GOD. I was so excited since they are truly living legends… and they rock the show!!

When they started playing all I thought was: MASTERS. There is no other way to describe them. Masters. They played for 2 hours and 15 no-stop, taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions, shaking our souls from rock songs to ballads… I was looking around me and all I could see was people smiling. That was so touching… I mean I wish toto could see what I was seeing. People smiling thanks to them, their music, what they represent.  Personally, when they played Africa I had shivers running through my spine. That was impressive too! When music moves you like this you can’t do anything but surrender to it.

The stage was very bare, very simple, they only had their logo behind them and that’s it! (GREAT logo by the way, always thought it looks like a skull to me)So it was just them and their music who captured the audience. The atmosphere was enchanting, the music was embracing us! Big stars don’t need anything more than their music to charm people. Moreover I thought that the sound was PERFECT, I mean the acoustics was perfectly balanced.

I thought that I would found let’s say… middle aged people, but I was so happy to see even teenagers!! I think teenagers knowing this king of music band are a hope for our future =D

Steve Lukather (guitar) was so into that night, he was clearly having fun, and Joseph Williams (singer) was as excited as Steve was. David Paich (keyboards) was dressed like a Chamberlain, so funny =) I mean, they are not “old stars” trying to do something mediocre, they have talent running through their veins. They just simply can’t do anything that shine and be great.  What a band, what a concert, what a night!

What a great way to celebrate toto’s 35 anniversary =)

Great job guys!!


On the Run / Goodbye Elenore

Goin’ Home


St. George and the Dragon

I’ll Be Over You

It’s a Feeling


Wings of Time

Falling in Between

I Won’t Hold You Back



White Sister

Better World


How Many Times

Stop Loving You

Hold the Line


Home of the Brave

See you on the road 😉



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