in search of the right one

Hi guys!

so, I always get up in the morning with a different song in my mind as soon as I open my eyes.. which is cool, and quite fun having random songs in my mind every morning ( I can get quite amazed sometimes O.o )

But this morning…. nothing at all… complete silence. No songs running through my mind… bad sign I thought. While I was driving to work I put my mp3 on as usually, but just couldn’t find ONE song to listen to. (so veeeery strange since I usually don’t want to get off my car and stop listening to my songs.) I mean, I was always skipping any songs, just couldn’t finish ONE. O.o

so I began to have this feeling of dissatisfaction, an emptiness I can’t fulfill, some kind of anxiety, agitation, frustration. I was wondering if these feelings are related in any way to the fact that I didn’t have any song in my mind today,(ok, that’s odd) or if it’s just me. I mean,am I trying to understand what I’m feeling today by searching my emotion in a song, which I just can’t find? does it even make any sence?

Maybe I just don’t know how I feel, and I want to figure it out by feeling some kind of connection to a song. Do I need music to understand how I feel sometimes? wow.. SCARING but actually think so =S

My question to you is, do you ever feel this way? does it happen to you too? can you understand screwed up messy feelings listening to a song?

that’s one among the others music’s abilities I guess.

I’m still looking for the songs that’s “calling” me, which is I guess the feeling that I feel today, but I just can’t find it.

Hope to find the right one soon, and hope you’ll find yours 😉




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