Korn “never never” …. yeah, never never publish commercial stuff

Hi guys!

So, it’s been soooo long, I know, my fault… but let’s say I’ve been through some changes, and I didn’t have time to write anything here or on twitter.

So I’ll just start with a simple consideration; Korn new single, “never never”.

I love it. BUT.

If it went under some other band’s name I would have definitely loved it, but knowing is a Korn song.. I was like… WTF?! Don’t get me wrong, I love it, I looove it, the first time I listened to it 4 times in a row! but on the same time I’m perplexed. It seems so commercial to me! Like a perfect first single of a brand new band who is desperately trying to be noticed and have success by adding a little bit of this band, plus a little bit of that other band and that other band as well. I mean.. I’m not really impressed. It’s nothing new. It’s like some kind of commercial “metal”.

I don’t know much about Korn, I’m just expressing my thoughts, but I think this single will definitely tear Korn fans apart. I mean some real Korn fan may be quite pissed off by this single, but some other may really love it. Why? If I am to give an opinion on Korn only based on this single this is what I think: I think we are facing a turning point in Korn music.

It’s definitely different from the previous works, less “suffered”, less painful, less angry in some way… les KORN if you want,less metal actually. In fact I think it is a perfect “to be continued” of “the path of totality” with the dubstep sonority. That’s why some Korn fan may be quite upset. They’ve been given something out of the ordinary Korn package. Again.

I think we are facing a change in Korn music, in their inner being. Less metal, more “ElectroSoftMetal”. yeah, just made it up =D

Turning points usually bring the band towards new musical horizons, towards new ways of experimenting in music. New sounds, different sounds. Different musical choices, like moving to the next step, evolving, maturing. Thus changing. And changes are not always welcomed.

Every band gets to a turning point in their carrier, especially if they’ve been around for quite some years. And usually it is a make it or break it change, a change that will decide the bands future. Will they fail, or will they succeed? Will they fall in disgrace, or will they shine? Many bands end up being forever forgotten, others have a huge and never-ending success. It’s a roll of a dice.

Changing is just a natural process, time passes, musical era changes, PEOPLE change, their view of life and priority changes, they simply grow old, and they get more mature. They need to experiment as well, to evolve and give their fans something new, something that would keep them hooked for some other years. But on the other hand there are the “purist fans” as I love to call them, the kind of fan who are so attached to the band that cannot even conceive a change in their music. They would love to hear the same songs from – let’s say their favorite 3 CDs- repeated over and over trough the years. Same sounds, same stuff. You know, what has worked once will work again and again, the same ingredients for the same recipe, just changed in the order. That’s why some of them may be disappointed.

But at the same time is the kind of fan that will always love and support blindly the band, just because… it’s THE band. The band who was able to give the word those great masterpieces. The fan who can hate the new stuff, but who will always support the band. Because their memory is well impressed in their heart and mind.

And then you have what I call the “open fan” the one who is open to changes and new stuff and sounds. The fan who is able to detach from his concept of the band, and embrace the new road the band is taking them to. The fan who I think can be both, a threat and a blessing to the band.

Why a threat? Because it’s the kind of fan who is able to actually judge their favorite band, the fan who has no fear in saying “this song sucks! What the f&%$k are they thinking about?!”.  And maybe they won’t buy that particular CD, as a protest.

And why a blessing? Because if you are able to convince that kind of fan that your new music is great, than you’ve done a really great job!

So, I guess the entire cd will tell us if I just lost time in writing something senseless, or if actually there is some kind of change in their music, a new path they’ll follow  =D and fans will tell us soon enough the fate of the cd 😉

Can’t wait to be on the road again!