The Killers live in Rome

Hi guys!!

As I mentioned on twitter I went to the Killers’ concert yesterday evening!

Honestly, I’m not quite into them, but of course, when you have the possibility to assist a concert you go anyway! Or at list, I do! 😉

So, the opening act was “stereophonics”, (quite interesting that THEY were the Killers opening act, huh? O.o) great entertainers! Very kind and accessible, they also played a few songs for a bunch of people before the show from the balcony of their dressing room! As far as the Killers are concerned, they had a meet and great with a few supporters right before the show, but they were very strict about taking pictures.. they didn’t want to. They forbidden photographers to take pictures of them even during the show, or so I understood. But… why? You’re not Beyoncé who is afraid that pictures of her faces while performing go all around the world so that people make fun of her =D  guess anyone in entertainement business has his own caprice U.U

There were about 5000 people attending the Killers concert, and they were really loving the show, happy for them! LOL I only know a very few songs of theirs, but the ones that I know that they played live were involving!

Brandon Flowers (the singer) has a great voice, I mean, for real!!! It didn’t even seem it was live, so my compliments to him! In my opinion he’s not really really an “entertainer” in the sense that he does not really interact with the crowd, but on the other hand he played the cover of the Italian song “Volare” which I thought was very nice of them =) Moreover they played “under the gun” after a request from the crowd, so they are very interested in pleasing their supporters, which is a beautiful thing!

The stage was embellished by amazing light play which really created an exciting and enchanting atmosphere, with fireworks exploding sometimes on a drum beat, and confetti right before the encore. veeeery cool!

So it was a nice evening, good concert even if I didn’t get very thrilled =S but you know, it’s just me and my humble personal opinion, nothing to say about the band, of course great professionals!

Here’s the setlist:

Somebody Told Me
The Way It Was
Smile Like You Mean It
Heart of a Girl/Bling (Confession of a King)
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
Miss Atomic Bomb
Flesh and Bone
For Reasons Unknown
From Here On Out
A Dustland Fairytale
Nel blu dipinto di blu (Domenico Modugno cover)
Read My Mind
Mr. Brightside
All These Things That I’ve Done
Under the Gun
When You Were Young



My mind and my heart are already on my next concert which takes me to Berlin for… BON JOVI! Already going insane, can’t really wait any longer!

Stay tuned for that concert’s description!!

See you on the road =)